Replace Missing Teeth to Achieve a Healthy and Complete Smile

Do you ever feel slightly self-conscious as a result of gaps in your smile, or have trouble maintaining your oral health due to tooth loss? If so, dental bridges may be for you. Using a dental bridge – a prosthetic tooth connected on both sides by dental crowns – Dr. Hakimzadeh can safely and effectively fill in the space where a tooth is missing. Not all patients are candidates for dental bridge placement, and the type of dental bridge that is used will vary from one patient to the next; however, dental bridges are an effective means of closing gaps in the teeth and we find them to be a viable option for most individuals. Contact our Phoenix-area dental practice to learn more about dental bridges.

The Placement of Dental Bridges

Dental bridge placement involves a less invasive procedure than that of dental implants, making it an attractive alternative for individuals who are missing teeth but are hesitant to undergo oral surgery. As bridges can be placed in areas where 1 to 3 teeth are missing, they are an effective treatment option for the majority of our patients with dental gaps. If dental bridges are right for you, two separate appointments with our dentists will be required for the procedure – one involving preparation of the teeth, and the other for the actual dental bridge placement.

During your first appointment, we will prep the teeth on both sides of the gap where the false tooth will be inserted. The area will be numbed using a mild anesthetic for optimum comfort. Dr. Hakimzadeh will then sculpt down the surrounding teeth so that the new dental bridge can fit into place. An impression will be made so our dental laboratory can create your customized false tooth and crowns, which will slip over the natural teeth on either side of the gap. Our dentists will fasten a temporary dental bridge in the space in order to protect the teeth and gums.

During your next appointment at our Phoenix-area office, the temporary dental bridge will be taken out, and the new, permanent bridge will be put into position. We will make sure that the dental bridge fits comfortably and works well for your bite, before bonding it to your teeth.
Benefits of Dental Bridges

The benefits of dental bridges include:

  • Correct bite or speech problems
  • Minimize chances of tooth decay, periodontal disease and bone loss
  • Strengthen ability to chew food
  • Blocks tooth movement and helps prevent TMJ disorder
  • Provide enhanced comfort
  • Allow for improved self-confidence due to changed appearance
  • Offer more support to facial structure
  • Long-lasting solution – more than 10 years with the proper care and maintenance