About Dr. Leila

Our family dentistry practice, located in the heart of Phoenix, has been helping patients for over 40 years. The practice began with Dr. Christopher Lineau, who built the office with excellent dental care, honesty, and ethics as its foundation.
Building on her 23 years of experience, Dr. Leila strives to carry on the same tradition with her commitment to exceptional patient care. Dentistry at the Biltmore provides care to patients throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale, East Valley, and surrounding communities. We offer cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, dental sleep apnea appliances, Invisalign, All on 4’s, restorative, and family dentistry.

Personalized, no rush dental appointments – Unlike other busy offices, Dr. Leila and her team like to spend quality time with patients in an effort to really get to know them. The practice does not double book treatment time. Dr. Leila and her assistant, Yvonne, like to learn about your family and to share stories to make you feel more at ease.

We love working with people who fear dentistry! – We are the first people to understand that a dental office is not most people’s favorite place to be. It’s our goal to help everyone feel less anxious and to reframe the experience into one that can actually be enjoyable.
Dr. Leila herself has a fear of needles, so she knows that being in the dental chair can be scary. Dr. Leila and her staff encourage you to let them know any fears you may have so that they can work to alleviate them as much as possible during your visit.

High-Quality Dentistry

Dr. Leila only uses the highest quality materials and labs for her dental work. It is extremely important to Dr. Leila to use cutting-edge technology and materials to treat her patients. She conducts thorough research on the products she uses and tries them out in person before introducing them to her office.

Dr. Leila regularly attends professional dental conferences as well as online webinars from the industry’s leading dental instructors and researchers. She also attends onsite training workshops multiple times per year in order to continually improve her skills.

Family Dentistry

Dr. Leila loves being able to treat the entire family! She has patients ranging from 1 to 100 years old! She loves seeing the family dynamic when multiple generations come to the office. Dr. Leila and her team always love working with little kids to show them that dentistry is not scary and can be a fun place to be. Dr. Leila also loves working with elderly patients and everyone in between. Come in, visit us, and become one of our multi-generation dental families!