Some people wait far too long, even years, to see a dentist because of an intense fear of pain.  If this is you, there is no need to suffer for years with a toothache, broken or missing teeth, or bad breath because there is a way to avoid pain during procedures and to fix all of those problems without feeling either pain or fear.

Sedation at the dentist’s office is generally safe for most people, but it is important to talk about it with the dentist as there are some reasons for people to avoid it.  Still, most people can at least be minimally sedated safely.  A main difference between levels of sedation is how easy or hard it is to wake the patient being treated.

Sedation can happen in various ways and is not allow in all offices.  Only those properly trained in their use can provide all the various type of anesthesia in the office.  Minimal anesthesia is generally administered through regular breathing, but sometimes orally.  A moderate level is usually accomplished orally, and sometimes oral options take patients to a deeper sedation level.  This deep level of sedation is just below the scale from general anesthesia, which is most often reached through use of an IV.

Minimal sedation leaves the patient feeling relaxed and calm to allow the dentist to work without the anxiety and fidgeting many people experience.  In this state, the patient is still awake.  The moderate state of anesthesia leaves people awake for the procedure, yet they do not often remember it.  A deep state is one where the patient is just on the verge of sleep, as if they were falling asleep.  However, it is a state which the patient can still be woken up if needed.  Finally, general anesthesia is a complete sleep state and a patient must either sleep it off or be woken up with another medicine.

If you have an intense fear of going to the dentist, you may be the perfect candidate for sedation.  Don’t avoid important cleanings and check-ups; come in for a review of your options.  Sedated patients also generally receive local anesthesia at the site of the dentist’s work to lessen any possible discomfort no matter which option you choose.  Come on in and learn about your options, our friendly staff is here to help.