Dentistry At The Biltmore works to provide our patients with the most cutting edge dentistry options in Phoenix, Arizona. To this end, we offer laser dentistry.

Laser dental care can have a roll in many disciplines of dentistry. With the Epic™ X diode laser system, we are able to perform many procedures in as little as a single office visit, often without the need for anesthesia.

Why use lasers

Dentistry At The Biltmore prioritizes your comfort and satisfaction with individualized care and a gentle touch. The Epic™ Laser system allows us to provide a gentler experience. The application of lasers in dentistry means a range of treatments can be done without the dreaded (for some folks) drill.

One of the main benefits of using dental lasers is that we can selectively and precisely treat diseased tissues in a minimally invasive way.

Other benefits include:

  • Less pain reducing the need for anesthesia
  • Lower anxiety in patients uncomfortable with the dental drill
  • Minimized bleeding and swelling
  • Reduce bacterial infections as lasers sterilize area being worked on
  • Eliminates or reduces soreness, bleeding, inflammation, sutures, and numbness

Laser dentistry great for kids

Lasers are safe and effective for both kids and adults. When a child sits in the dental chair fear and anxiety can be the result of either one, past negative experiences or two, apprehension towards the unknown.

Epic™ X diode laser system helps overcome dental fears by offering a better dental experience with no big needles, scary noisy drills, and faster treatment. Your kid will not be so scared of future visits to our office. Kids and adults will find laser dentistry procedures very comfortable.